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Our client provides Hen and Stag holidays in the United Kingdom and overseas. They provide a one-stop-shop for any Hens and Stags to build a unique and unforgettable trip of a lifetime.

Our brief was to create a website that not only targeted Hens and Stags but to also give them the ability to choose every aspect of their trip. The brief also allowed for each member of the group to pay their own account, yet kept the trip unified.



Multi-tasking Premium Website


Bespoke Client Payment Portal


Customer/Staff CRM management system

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After detailing the package the organiser was able to input the travellers' name and email. Each traveller would then get their own payment account which enabled them to update their own travel information and pay for the holiday. This enabled the Organiser and our client to monitor the booking.

The website brief was taken from very specific requirements from the client. After quickly defining the prospect and their needs, each area of the website guided the prospect into a sales funnel based on a choice of location, activities or dates.

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The advanced CRM allowed the client to act on new leads much more quickly than previously, but in addition, they were able to send specific “canned” emails when required and whilst still using best practices.

The CRM was specifically designed to enhance their workflows, enabling them to process more customers than ever before.


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The Website enabled our client to change, update, add more activities and locations with a few simple clicks. The payment management software allowed payment to be made by multiple users without the need for human interaction thereby sustainably improving productivity, cash flow and customer satisfaction.  

By automating the sales and payment process our client was able to expand their services to a wider audience. The automation allowed them to also develop the business on a much greater scale without the need for extra staff. In addition, our payment options allowed our client to implement this without the need for a large investment.

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