CRM Funding

Easing Capital Expenditure

Ethical Funding

We offer simple, interest-free funding for our software and any hardware. Tax-deductible, it is the perfect way to finance your investment and manage your cash flow. Making investing in your business much easier.

We offer 0% finance on all of our bespoke products; it is optional and complimentary.

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Software Funding

CRM and software solutions are evolving quickly, which is opening up new horizons and opportunities. So we provide easy funding solutions which spread the cost and reduce the risk.

A Simple Process

We offer a range of funding packages designed to suit you. The application process is simple and quick, without the need for reams of paperwork.

New Bussiness?

Having a low credit score, or just started in business is not a barrier to funding. Our lending team will be happy to speak to you confidentially.  



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Hardware & Software Funding

We offer funding on any hardware as well as any software needs you may have.

Funding has great tax advantages as well as enabling you to retain working capital within the business. The funding can be repaid at anytime as well as refinanced if you want to upgrade during the payment period.

You may also be able to claim R&D tax credits, as your new system will be built on a bespoke level for you, please speak to your  qualified accountant for details

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Tickety Boo believes that software should be simple to use, yet provide the user with the tools needed to succeed, all at an affordable price.


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