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What's coming in 2021?

What's coming in 2021?

What’s coming in 2021 for business? 

After the Coronavirus virus, life for UK SME companies will be very different. 

The marketplace has certainly changed, the High Street is taking another bashing as more consumers move to more comfortable internet purchasing. In the last five months, the internet marketplace has pr...

When is a good time to adopt a CRM?

If you are planning to adopt a CRM (Customer Management) Solution for your business, you can migrate to it at any given time. It is ideal for growing your business no matter what stage your company is in. A CRM tool will be most handy if you want to make a significant impact on your customers. How can you tell that you...

What is a CRM?

CRM is an acronym for Customer Relationship Manager. However, the term CRM refers to the software or solution that makes it easier for businesses like yours to manage client relationships and team collaboration. This software is intended for various industries and businesses sizes from a startup to a conglomerate scale...

The Lack of Eco-Friendly CRM Providers

Responding to environmental challenges poses a sticky situation. Your company can focus on helping Mother Earth but at the expense of your business because sustainable methodologies are more expensive. This jacks up the price of your offerings. On the flip side, you could concentrate on your profits but nick at your co...

How Can a CRM Improve Growth?

The key to any business growth is excellent customer relationships because this has the power to build trust and loyalty towards your brand. With the right CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution, you can further enhance this component in your business. Here's how this tool can help you stay connected to your c...

Different Types of CRM

When it comes to achieving success and crushing your competition, customer relationship is the name of the game. Generate the right leads, convert these prospects, and satisfy them to improve your company’s profitability. To achieve your business’ full potential, you need to rely on CRM or customer relationship managem...

Benefits of a CRM

In this modern digital world, using software to boost your business' productivity and
efficiency is vital to your company's success. If you want to get ahead of your
competition, using a CRM (customer management) solution is necessary for serving
your clients better, generating more leads, creating more conversions, an...

Why We Cancelled Our HubSpot Partnership

We have cancelled our HubSpot Partnership, and here’s why.

Tickety Boo Digital develop and provide business software for UK SMEs; most solutions are bespoke CRM services but can include global websites and SaaS solutions. (Software as a Service). Our services add everything that our clients need and nothing that they ...

A Clear Lesson

I speak to many people who feel their business does not need any software, support or advice to succeed. However, I was talking to a prospect, and I asked so why do you think you need a CRM or some software to help your business? This was their reply.

“We sell industrial food bags, and our bags are used in manufacturi...

What is SaaS?

Saas is short for Software as a Service.

SaaS gives you the ability to sell software as a service on the internet without the need for human oversight. 

Why could this be so important to you?Well, it allows you to create a product or service once, then sell it to anyone in the world and as many times as you like, wit...

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