10 Ways CRM Is Going to Change Lead Generation in 2021

The shift to a more digital world has led more people to go online and consume web content. Companies are using CRM to identify potential customers and develop an interest in the business.

If you have yet to integrate this into your business functions, now is the perfect time to do it. Check out the 10 ways in which CRM will change lead generation in 2021.

10 Ways CRM Is Going to Change Lead Generation in 2021

1. CRM will help marketers pick out the most valuable accounts and decide which marketing communication strategies are better. With every user that submits an online lead form, AI-powered tools will work on the backend to find new leads for you.

2. Previously, networking and selling were practised in person, but more companies are going digital with lead generation. Interactive emails will allow users to add items to a shopping cart, watch a video, or take a quiz. 

3. Redundant and unstructured data will be a thing of the past. Lead data cleansing will allow your business to get rid of irrelevant information such as duplicate contacts that clutter your files. Say goodbye to inaccurate and outdated data that you do not need.

4. You do not have to rely on one strategy to perform lead nurturing. An interactive email, promotional coupon, and link to your Facebook page can be combined in a single email through multi-channel lead nurturing.

5. If you find yourself juggling between your CRM system and company website, data integration between an e-commerce site and a CRM system is possible. You will be able to organize your customer records while keeping tabs on the product orders simultaneously.

6. There will be more ways to utilize online lead forms such as detail exchanges on third-party websites, furnishing contact details in exchange for a promotional or discount code, special offers, or a limited piece of content.

7. Influencer marketing will be utilized more to allow businesses to strengthen brand awareness, increase their user reach, and improve customer engagement through social media platforms.

8. Previously, CRM and ERP were separate, but these systems can be integrated. Sales and customer support history activities in CRM can be merged with ERP data like logistics and finance that are backend processes.

9. Organizations will be driven to invest more money in business communication tools like chatbots. The 24-hour digital support will replace human hours and develop smarter customer support services.

10. CRM can help identify parameters like reasons for disinterest among past customers. Using an inactive lead database, you can re-target these users and send personalized marketing messages to gain their attention.



It is not shocking that businesses are updating their marketing methods in lead generation. As the digital world continues to evolve, businesses are trying to keep up with their users and stay ahead of the curve. There are several ways CRM is going to change lead generation in 2021.


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