A Clear Lesson

Could this be you?


I speak to many people who feel their business does not need any software, support or advice to succeed.


However, I was talking to a prospect, and I asked so why do you think you need a CRM or some software to help your business? This was their reply.


“We sell industrial food bags, and our bags are used in manufacturing, transport and storage of foodstuffs. We are very proud of our success because we have grown from a small business to turning over £10m a year, with a solid bottom line. We are in a good place and do little with our website of any software”, he continued.


“Then last week I had a call, this American guy stated he had completed the contact form on our website, but we did not reply. He then emailed, and we did not reply that either. He tried calling and left a message with our reception. Apparently, we never replied to that either. So he said he made one more attempt to call us, and by chance, I answered the phone”. (He was the sales director of the company).


“I had a chat with the guy, and I apologised for the lack of communication, I said I was amazed he did not give earlier. He said that he had identified my company as one of a few possible suppliers and wanted to speak to us, and yes, he was close to giving up, it was just that he was persistent”.


I asked him whom did he work for? He replied “Coca-Cola!”


The moral of the story is that you never know who will call you, so don’t leave anything to chance.


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