Benefits of a Bespoke CRM

When it comes to securing your clients and beating your competition, offering excellent goods or services is merely half the battle.

You must also work on attracting new leads and nurturing existing clients to assure continuous company growth.

A bespoke CRM system will ensure you deliver a fantastic client experience, from making an excellent first impression to maintaining client loyalty with personalised services. 

Many CRMs are in the market today, but they are cookie-cutter solutions that don’t adjust to your needs. Enterprise-level CRM solutions allow you to incorporate the essentials you require for your sales funnel while eliminating confusing elements that lead to mistakes.

Here are the benefits of a customised and easy-to-use interface:


Full Control

With a standard CRM, you do things their way, so you pay for features you don’t even need. With an Enterprise CRM solution, you can tailor everything based on your company processes, potential buyers, and actual clients. You give full control to your team, allowing you to maximise your efforts and results.


Simplifies The Set-Up

Packaged CRM is more complicated to set-up and implement. With this complexity, there is a steeper learning curve. However, with Bespoke or Enterprise CRM built to address your sales team’s needs, you offer them a simplified way of getting their job done, with the processes that they’re already accustomed to. With faster user adoption, there is also a higher ROI.



You can customise an Enterprise CRM across departments, small groups, or even individuals. Just imagine a user-friendly dashboard that addresses the needs of your team.

This flexibility of a custom-build CRM supports simple data aggregation, allows everyone to do their set-up, and assure mobile access. 


Deeper Insights

Through an Enterprise CRM, your team can readily meet your clients’ needs because they have fast access to sales data and insight.

Your sales team can filter and sort through your company database with just a few clicks.

When your team is informed, everyone can make educated decisions to minimise risks and allow growth opportunities. 



A custom-built option offers better flexibility, allowing you to scale up easily when your company grows.

For instance, you start with a simple sales tracker and documents library for your contracts. Later, you can incorporate inventory management, track commissions, and the like.

As your team grows and your client base expands, you can make the necessary changes in your bespoke CRM. 


Final Word

If you are worried about the expense, a custom-built CRM is more affordable than a standardised version since it doesn’t include the functions you don’t need.

Tickety Boo charges only £299 /pm for a bespoke solution and from £699 /pm for an Enterprise CRM package.

With this at your disposal, you have personalised solutions that foster faster and more profitable sale cycles. 


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