How Do Big Brands Do CRM

When you hear about brands like Apple, Tesco, Uber, Amazon, and many others, you probably think about how they managed to grow into the large names they are today. Each of these companies has its unique trademarks, but if there is one thing they are all doing right, it would be their emphasis on customers. No matter what your goals are, putting your customers at the heart of your business is a must to leave a lasting impact and build strong relationships.


In business, this concept is known as customer relationship management (CRM). Essentially, CRM allows you to find the right people and give them the right offers at the right time. Sounds good, right? Going back to the companies mentioned earlier, CRM is what helped big names like Apple and Amazon attract a large following of customers and create a name that is instantly recognizable to many. 


So, how exactly can you build an effective CRM strategy? Check out how some of the world’s largest companies did it to inspire you to incorporate CRM software into your business.


Apple is one of the best examples of CRM done right since this is what made the company grow into the tech giant it is today. From the start, Apple stands out for having a unique OS and a matching line of premium devices powered with it. For example, the Apple ID feature allows you to synchronize data across all your Apple products, so you can get recommendations that match your preferences.   



In this day and age, online shopping has become the norm. However, what makes Amazon stand out is its personalized experiences and tailored marketing campaigns built through customer data. The site monitors your browsing and purchasing behavior to recommend things you will like. To make the shopping experience more seamless, you can even check out your purchases in just one click. 



Coca-Cola uses Salesforce, a CRM platform, to monitor customer behaviour and promote products on social media. Their teams can easily access their customers’ history with a mobile app, so they can resolve issues quickly and even send out technicians in real-time. Overall, this strategy helps Coca-Cola solve complaints immediately, resulting in higher productivity. 



Zara is known for being one of the first to use digital tools to collect data on customer’s buying habits and preferences. What makes the clothing brand so successful is that it focuses on attracting customers instead of pushing the products to them. This is done by using feedback to improve on products and services and data to send customers relevant campaigns and offers.


As you can see, all these companies place a heavy emphasis on their customers with a strong CRM strategy. It is all about addressing customers’ needs, giving them what they want, and delivering a satisfactory experience. To do all these, you can invest in a CRM software to set up all the tools you need. 

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