I do my thing!

Some years ago, my company had a contract with Guinness.

I was lucky enough to meet their global head of marketing and privileged to spend time with him.

He was one of those people that everyone instantly liked, charming, thoughtful, understanding and a very smart cookie. And yes, you would have liked him too!

One Friday, I asked innocently, “will you be spending time doing the garden this weekend?”

His reply was one of the best bits of advice I have ever heard.

He replied. “No, Ian. That’s not my thing. My thing is to provide global marketing. If I need a gardener, I get one. If I need a decorator, I get one. I just do my thing”.

He explained that he could pay other people to do their jobs because he became so good at his job. He was better off financially because of the value of his time, and he got a better garden because it was done by people doing their thing.

He later moved from Guinness to one of the world’s largest blue-chip companies, still doing his thing.

What I took from this is to focus on one service or skill and become excellent at that.

I help companies move from spreadsheets and outdated solutions to the right CRM, yet I cannot code. My coders’ code, which is their thing.

I do my thing.

What’s your thing?


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