Implementing a CRM

So you've decided to incorporate CRM. Congratulations!


You can now efficiently track and manage information and communication with your current clients and prospects. With CRM, you can look forward to more sales and higher revenues because you can generate more leads, forge better client relations, and ensure customer satisfaction. 

The key to enjoying these benefits is making sure your team is on board. Since you've invested money into this solution, you need to train your team properly to maximise your new CRM's functionality and features.

Adoption of a CRM system is not enough; proper implementation also matters. Here's how you can manage the implementation phase so you can enjoy an excellent ROI:


Define Your Strategy

Choose an appropriate CRM that aligns with your business strategy.

A Bespoke or Enterprise CRM from Tickety Boo Digital incorporates the functionality and features you need to meet your goals. As such, you spend only on the elements you use for your business while providing room for scaling up. The user-friendly interface will improve your team's efficiency making for a smooth transition phase and faster transition. 


Make a Plan

It is vital to make a blueprint to ensure nothing gets left out.

Ask your team to make a backup of all files before you launch the CRM. Make copies on both cloud and external hard drives, so nothing is lost when you migrate. Furthermore, your plan assures you to stay on track and within budget. Make sure all the training sessions fall under your schedule.

It would be best to prep several sessions to avoid info overload. When your team is overwhelmed, retention is compromised. But with a concrete plan, you can divide the implementation phase, minimise errors, and improve learning curves. 


Prep Your Team 

Give your team time to get accustomed to the software. For best results, provide support or training sessions with CRM specialists. They can answer everything and ensure there is no confusion. Tickety Boo provides lifetime support as the standard. Sadly, many CRM companies forget about this aspect, leaving employees to fend for themselves.

With the proper onboarding, you can enjoy demonstrations and avoid complications. 


Seek Feedback

Once your training begins, you must ask for feedback from your team.

Ask for both positive and negative thoughts on their user-experience. Since they will be using this platform for all their working hours, you want to make sure they feel happy and satisfied with the new teach solution. Ask them to share experiences and what areas need improvement.

When you have this valuable insight, you can improve your bespoke CRM. 


The Final Word

Make a seamless transition to your new CRM by training your employees and ensuring it fits into your business processes.

Tickety Boo offers a range of services to help you move to a new CRM. Live chat, virtual onboarding, and project management services that start before building and include guidance through the whole process.



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