Moving from Excel to CRM

Transferring to a new CRM system requires some prep work to ensure a smooth transition.

Here’s what you need to do if you want to do it yourself.


Identifying All Pertinent Data

1. You must first decide and identify which data you need to bring to your new CRM system.

2. Perform an audit of all your files, so you don’t forget anything.

3. Getting it right from the start means you can avoid manually encoding things down the line and minimising filtering through your mistakes.

4. Make a detailed list, especially if your info is stored in several spreadsheets.

This assures you don’t forget anything!


Gathering All the Data

Once you’ve listed everything you need, you must make a new master Excel sheet.

Gathering all the information in one place makes it easier for you to consolidate these crucial details.

Remember, this master sheet is what you will be exporting to your new CRM. 


TIP: Your new CRM needs to have the same field as your data for it to all get imported.


Standardising the Information

Once you have all the info in one place, ensure that everything is up to standard.

You must also check for consistency to ensure there are no data gaps, especially relevant information which can impact your sale process.

For example, make sure all emails are valid with no spelling errors, follow digits and decimals formats, double-check phone number, erase duplicate data, and the like. 


Prepping Custom Fields

A bespoke CRM can create custom fields in your new CRM for easy monitoring and tracking of all your information.

A custom field is based on what you’d like to record. It can be a simple text box, percentage, drop down, or even a checkbox. You get to determine what custom fields to include based on the company info you collated.

It is vital to create these fields before importing your data to the CRM, so you don’t lose anything.


Exporting and Importing 

Once you’ve edited and organised your data, you can export it to a CSV file, a format for moving files in between systems.

Double-check your CRM import guidelines to ensure you don’t miss anything.

Tickety Boo provides this service free of charge for Teams, Bespoke and Enterprise CRM plans.


Final Wrap Up

After doing these five steps, you can declare that it’s a wrap.

Now you can focus on optimising this data with your new CRM system. If you need help setting up a new CRM for your company, our Tickety Boo support team will gladly help you automate all your processes. 

Tickety Boo Digital are also able to manage this transfer if required.


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