The Lack of Eco-Friendly CRM Providers

Environmental challenges pose a sticky situation. 


Your company can focus on helping Mother Earth but at the expense of your business because sustainable methodologies are more expensive.

This jacks up the price of your offerings. On the flip side, you could concentrate on your profits but nick at your conscience because you are harming the planet. Everyone knows the world is already rapidly degrading because of the abuse humans constantly subject it to. 

The scary prospect of diminishing returns and revenues is the primary culprit that there is a lack of eco-friendly CRM providers.

Businesses still prefer to cut costs and opt for cheaper non-sustainable software solutions. Going green will come at a steeper price. Of course, it is but human nature for most entrepreneurs to aim for maximum revenues and profits.

It doesn’t help that the price of environmental costs is skyrocketing, making it even more difficult to choose a greener CRM solution.

Currently, Tickety Boo Digital is the only company that offers an eco-friendly CRM solution. (That's unless you know of any, we have looked without success so far!)



Steep Cost of Environmental Compliance

One of the primary reasons why there is a scarcity of "green” and sustainable CRM providers is that cost of compliance is expensive.

This results from regulatory systems that are both ineffective and inefficient. There are not enough appropriate incentives and existing frameworks furnished to CRM providers so they can comply with the environmental parameters. 

Numerous proposed reforms mandated by governing bodies also diminish the affordability of compliance measures. This makes it very difficult to incorporate safe environmental practices into the CRM provider’s business strategies.

Companies that do offer this diminish their competitive pricing and suffer tremendously. 


Emerging New Train of Thought

However, in spite of their struggles, more and more companies and individuals are beginning to realise the value of sustainability. Since the earth is suffering from too much pollution, wastage, logging, carelessness, and more, people are showing care and concern. 

The disregard for nature is now evident in the form of the greenhouse effect, the depletion of the ozone layer, extinction of animals, and global warming. Because of these factors, there is a new trend that promotes the possible fluid fusion of economic and environmental concerns.

Today, there is a strong movement that pushes companies to be an eco-warrior. It is no longer seen as a liability but as a new market opportunity and catalyst for innovation to generate more wealth. 


New Breed of Eco-Friendly Provider

Thankfully, not every company is all about profit and financial gain.

Today, Tickety Boo Digital is the only company in the globe that offers an eco-friendly CRM solution. We feel strongly about the preservation of the environment as it sustains all life on the planet. 

If you are a company with a heart, passion, and conscience, you will prefer their eco-friendly CRM platform that’s specifically geared for sales, marketing, and business management. Our unique practices enable us to offer you this service at a cost-efficient price so you can minimise your carbon footprint.

With this amazing tool, you will not pose a threat to the environment, and you will not be a part of the problem.


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