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A Joint venture with Tickety Boo IT allows your company to expand and add new products and services without the need for technical knowledge or large amounts of investment.

It also gives you the ability to use SaaS (Software as a Service) to build an ongoing revenue stream without the need for day to day work to achieve those sales. It’s like writing a book, you write the book once, and the sales keep coming.

Tickety Boo IT write all the code from scratch, this means we can develop any software solution however you wish and provide just what you need in the way that you need it. This could be a premium eCommerce website, a new product or service provided over the internet or just your company bringing your services to the internet for the first time.

Joint ventures with Tickety Boo can work in various ways and is decided mainly on the scope of the project, the revenue potential, and how far the project has progressed before we engage with a prospective partner. It can start from just an idea or can be an expansion of a current business or project.

We ask for a contribution towards the development of the software as we have found this helps our partners drive the project forward to a much greater extent.

Once the platform is online, we will then work with the partner to ensure its success by giving technical support and ongoing development as needed. 

In return for this investment, we receive a proportion of the revenue gained from the project on an ongoing basis. The structure of this varies depending on each project.

Whatever you want or need to do in 2020 to move your business on, you now have the opportunity to do it without the need for capital investment, loans or angel investors.

It's your business, do it your way, just with a little expert help.


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