Why We Cancelled Our HubSpot Partnership

Why we cancelled our HubSpot Partnership

Tickety Boo Digital develop and provide business software for UK SMEs; most solutions are bespoke CRM services but can include global websites and SaaS solutions. (Software as a Service). Our services add everything that our clients need and nothing that they do not. 

We also offer WaaS (Websites as a Services, but that’s another story.

As we started working with HubSpot, we found the first issue in our onboarding program, Inbound marketing.

HubSpot bases its services around its inbound solution. However, we do not do provide inbound services as their other partners do. So much of their support and advice was not relevant to us, and we found Inbound is very ingrained in their services. 

The second issue was the ability to make a real difference in the offering from Tickety Boo Digital bespoke CRM and the HubSpot SaaS CRM solution. Yes one is bespoke, and one is out of the box, but apart from that, there is very little difference, which I found surprising. I suppose I thought I would find out there is more than was on the website. Take away inbound, and HubSpot is a CRM solution, a fantastic CRM but no different to Tickety Boo CRM. 

The other major issue is cost. Yes, I have said it! HubSpot and come to it Salesforce are expensive for SME companies. I understand price is not essential, value is, but when we offer the same services for the yearly cost of HubSpot, it made me take pause.

Now don’t get me wrong HubSpot is a fantastic solution, but for us, when we dug deeper, was not great value and deflected us from our core ethical values of outstanding pricing, environmentally great products for UK SMEs.


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