What is a CRM?

CRM is an acronym for Customer Relationship Manager.

However, the term CRM refers to the software or solution that makes it easier for businesses like yours to manage client relationships and team collaboration.

This software is intended for various industries and businesses sizes from a startup to a conglomerate scale. 


Purpose of CRM

This software has the power to gather numerous customer interactions across all channels, then place it in one centralised database.

An organised way of accessing data helps businesses boost customer experience. As a result, there is personalised service, enhanced client satisfaction, improved generation of leads, and intensified client retention.

All of these elements amplify your company's revenues, which paves the way for faster growth and expansion. 

In the beginning, CRM was mainly designed for your sales, marketing, and service needs. However, today, there are now many other things that this software can do for you.

Apart from tracking client information, taking note of orders, and organising data, this tool can help your team members, vendors, and other partners enhance communication and manage relationships. 



How CRM Works

CRM technology works by pulling all kinds of information from your website, email, voice mail, social media profiles, and other channels so you can keep your old clients and attract new ones.

They provide a single space to organise your work and processes. This paves the way for faster collaboration between your company stakeholders. 

At the same time, it ensures you and your team are more productive and efficient, allowing you to generate more leads and conversion. With this kind of automated solution, your team can get more work done while minimising mistakes and reducing wastage.

Fret not for there is a CRM solution that will suit your company's needs. 


The Basics of CRM

This tool is crafted to streamline your work and improve the following: your interaction with clients, your sales processes, your marketing campaigns, and your organisation of valuable information. When you automate redundant tasks and the power to analyse the information on your database, you will enhance the flow of work, optimise your sales pipelines, and fulfil your clients' needs. 

CRM is an all-in-one tool for managing your team and clients. It allows you to make phone calls or do email integration with real-time data generated based on the call/email and updated into your system.

With so much data produced every single day, having CRM provides your business with an advantage. With the aid of machine learning, AI, and analytics, your team will save time, money, and effort because you can track both old and new clients or schedule-follow ups with ease. 


Final Word

With this CRM solution, you can focus your efforts on growing and expanding your business.

Tickety Boo Digital has an eco-friendly CRM software that's perfect for your business.  Simple to use but delivering powerful results.


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