When is a good time to adopt a CRM?

If you are planning to adopt a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) Solution for your business, you can migrate to it at any given time.

It is ideal for growing your business no matter what stage your company is in. A CRM tool will be most handy if you want to make a significant impact on your customers. How can you tell that you are ready? Here are some tell-tale indicators that you’re ready to add a CRM system to manage your growing business: 


You have No Centralised Data Source

If your team keeps on using various ways to keep track of sales leads, it is time to make the process more efficient.

Having multiple places like post-its, business cards, spreadsheets, etc. to keep a tab of your sales info can make data retrieval cumbersome and problematic. At times, you even lose client data! With CRM, you can readily access all the right information and make educated decisions with ease.

Best of all, your CRM central database can be updated by your team in real-time. 



You Fumble with the Sales Process

Because you don’t have a proper system to store client information and keep track of appointments, your sales team can face numerous issues that can potentially affect your sales number.

Your staff can miss appointments, forget to follow up prospects, or jot down the wrong client contact numbers.

Without the right CRM, your leads are wasted. Incorporating this solution will make you aware of the sales process, allowing you to keep your team accountable so you can reach company goals. 


You Deal with Tedious, Redundant, and Manual Reporting

Using pen and paper is not scalable. It is also very tedious, time-consuming, and prone to mistakes. Imbibing old school ways when it comes to your business means you go through more trouble than it's worth.

You will benefit from automation, as CRM will allow you to customise your reports based on accurate information. With this in place, you reduce redundancies, allowing your team to focus on more important tasks like catering to your clients’ needs.


You Notice Your Clients are Dissatisfied

If your customers are frustrated because they keep repeating themselves every time they get in touch with your representatives, it is a sign that you need to adopt a CRM.

Your clients expect you to understand them, so you must have access to all their information from calls, emails, complaints, etc. The only way you can provide personalised service is if you level up with CRM Software.

This will allow you to have an even better relationship with your clients, assuring their loyalty.


Final Word

At Tickety Boo Digital, we will provide you with eco-friendly CRM software, along with other blog tool essentials to help your business prosper and succeed.


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