Why have a CRM?

If you’re a business owner who is still on paper or Excel, then it is time to invest in automated software that will make your life easy.

With a CRM or customer relationship management system, you can find new leads, nurture relationships with existing clients, win back former clients, and more.

You can leverage this technology, which allows you to collect, organise, track, and manage all your customer info in one place. Let’s take a good look at what this can do for your business:


Boosts Customer Interactions

With a CRM solution like Tickety Boo CRM, you have access to a 360-degree, holistic customer view.

It allows you to enhance your client relationships as you know more about them. Your CRM will enable you to synthesise all of your client's history, including their preferences and buying patterns.

As such, you can customise your offerings, making them feel more valued and unique. With the right CRM software, you build better relationships, which results in higher revenues. 


Provides Easy Access to Vital Information

A CRM solution helps you minimise any delays because you have access to all the crucial data. It is accessible whether you’re using your desktop, laptop, or even mobile gadget.

Your entire database can be stored in a cloud, with all your important prospect or client info right at your fingertips. This accessibility means you can perform swiftly no matter where you are, so you can readily respond to client queries. When you prioritise your customers, you gain their trust. 


Fills The Sales Funnel With Qualified Leads

With your CRM solution, your sales team will have access to qualified leads.

These leads are more likely to convert because they have shown interest in your business. As such, your team can save time and effort by targeting the right audience. For example, you can integrate CRM with email marketing to give you insight into which of your plans are working.

Your sales reps get an update on which clients opened their emails, downloaded PDF proposals, viewed your video, etc. When you have access to this information, your company will enjoy a more consistent sale revenue.


Identifies Opportunities and Issues 

Your CRM software can help identify new opportunities and see a pattern to determine where future business can come from.

After all, your CRM will provide performance metrics for easy analysis. Hence, you can make sound decisions and channel your sales efforts to crucial areas with growth potential.

Simultaneously, this data can help you diagnose potential problems, which allows you to prevent issues. Instead of being reactive and responding to problems, you are proactive in nipping them in the bud. 


Final Word

With the right CRM solution, you can enjoy all these benefits. Tickety Boo Digital, we can help you customise your CRM solution that fits your company’s needs. 


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