CRM as a Service

The Perfect CRM for today and every day.


Your perfect CRM and marketing suite with ongoing support and updates.

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£ 425
Per Month - Billed yearly

£ 500
Per Month - Billed Monthly


New Bespoke CRM

Unlimited Users

Your Branding

Ongoing Development

Independently Hosted




£ 850
Per Month - Billed yearly

£ 1000
Per Month - Billed Monthly


New Bespoke CRM

Unlimited Users

Customised Displays

Client Portals

Automated Lead Generation



£ 1700
Per Month - Billed yearly

£ 2000
Per Month - Billed Monthly


New Bespoke CRM

Unlimited Users

Customised Design

Advanced Workflows


Ticket Systems



Teams   Professional   Enterprise
Popular Features
New Bespoke CRM    
Unlimited Users    
Unlimited Contacts    
Your Branding    
Single Sign-On    
Dedicated Hosting    
Full CRM Refresh after 24 Months    
CRM Features
Contact Management    
Company Management    
Task Management    
Role Based Access    
Global Search    
Custom Dashboard Overview    
Client Notes    
Document Storage    
Meeting Timelines    
Super Admin Controller    
Easily Upgrade Users    
Custom Data Fields    
Timeline View    
Kanban View    
Advanced Features
Advanced Permissions    
Custom Pipeline    
Custom Notifications    
Custom Dashboards    
Custom Sequencing    
Client Portals    
Quotes / Purchase Orders    
API Access    
3 Custom Dashboards    
Custom Reporting    
Customised Sequencing    
Custom Design/Build    
Advanced Workflows    
Multiple Customised Sequences    
Multiple Pipelines    
Payment Gateways    
Membership Areas    
Advanced Automation    
Knowledge Base    
Advanced Ticketing System    
Lead Generation & Marketing
Email Integration    
Email Sequencing    
Contact Forms    
Landing Pages    
Email Marketing    
Drip Email    
Subscription Services    
White Paper Downloads    
eCommerce AI    
Onboarding Sequences    
Website Visitor Messages    
5 LeadApps*    
10 LeadApps*    
Ongoing Hosting, Development & Support
Live Chat    
Dedicated Domains    
Secure UK Hosting    
Security Maintenance    
Powered By Green Energy    

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