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We were approached by a long term client, who was organising a large public Festival in 2020. The Festival was estimated to attract more than 100k visitors over a three day period.

The brief was to develop a new website, booking system within a month of agreeing to work on the project. The client wanted a ticket system that did not require printing tickets whilst working in a poor cellular location.



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The ticketing system needed to be paperless, enabling customers to buy several tickets online, receive those tickets, and produce them on their phones when attending the event. The system also needed security to prevent fraud as well as enabling discounts.

The website brief was precise. The website needed to display every aspect of the Festival, including visitor information, the impressive displays, numerous news feeds, and huge volumes of content about the vehicles and people attending the Festival.


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The Festival had little or no social media or history to draw from, so it started from a standing start. The three platforms that were created were Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

A high volume of unique content was created and posted through our automated social posting software. This enabled regular and attractive articles to be published, which made a significant level of public engagement. The numbers of interactions and new likes grew into the thousands within a few weeks and continue to grow daily.

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The management team of the Festival are working closely with Tickety Boo IT to develop and expand the website as well as to continue to expand the social media marketing as the Festival continues to grow. As a direct result of the Festival team planning to expand the Festival and by using bespoke software, they have been able to concentrate on providing services and more attractions for the visitors, thereby selling more tickets. 

The Festival is a prime example of our joint venture program, Ticket Boo look after the software, website, payment and marketing, which leaves the Festival team to do what they do best, build a Festival to remember, all with only a small upfront cost.


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