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Our client is a very successful recruitment agency who specialise in niche recruitment. Whilst they were expanding, they continually look for innovation to help them grow and provide a better service to their clients.

Our brief was to develop a new medium that allowed them to showcase opportunities in an easy to view way, yet protect all parties' confidentiality. This would enable them to advertise more jobs and process more applications than their current capacity allowed without scaling up the staffing levels.





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We used the clients spreadsheets as a starting point to build a bespoke CRM; it ensured we kept all their current data and displayed everything in a recognisable format. The additional client services were added with automated messaging and email integration to enable contemporaneous client reporting.


To enable the client to showcase more positions and potential clients, we started rebuilding the website to allow easy access and seamless integration with the CRM. A wireframe ensured the client could see the automated recruitment process before the build and allowed us to discuss the solution.


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The SaaS service incorporated into the website and CRM allowed companies and individuals to search for new staff or new jobs without the need for direct contact with the client.

Also, it created a more extensive database of prospects who were active in looking for staff or a new role, without any sales pressure.

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Enabling their clients to manage a major part of their search themselves gave them greater freedom to look without a feeling of sales pressure. This gave prospects greater confidence to look for work or staff and increased website traffic as a whole.

By enabling this freedom of search, the client was rewarded with “warm leads” rather than requests for appropriate matches. Their team was able to process more positions with more confidence, and this method of searching became more desirable than registering with various agencies.


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